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The most watched channels in the world are the 4 Peace T.V channels, as listed below.
Peace tv English, Peace tv Bangla, Peace tv Urdu and Peace tv Chinese

Become a Hero in Your Own Little Way

Asalamualikum our soul objective is to please Allah swt.

There is nothing more meaningful than sharing your blessings with disadvantaged people, even if it means giving all you have for their sake. However, most of us hesitate to lend a hand because of our own struggle in life. You don’t have to be the wealthiest person in the world to help those in need.

At The worldaiduk international organisation in UK, West Yorkshire, we will become your bridge to help make this world a better place. Your donations will change not only many lives but also the place we call home. 

We need a charity number. If anyone can help, please let us know on the above telephone number. 

Bismillah hirahman nirraheem

We are a new charity,

 Our charity believes every human deserves equal help Allah swt says "whom so ever brings a soul to life is as though he brought the whole humanity to life". There is no force in religion Allah swt says " No forcing into the deen" meaning we can't force anyone to come into Islam.

 Inshallah, we intend to start working in England by feeding the homeless. To show Islam is a religion of peace,love and respect. Similarly you can see a list of the countries below in which we intend to work with. People of all faiths will be helped and protected in the third world countries as a form of dawah.

We are starting our very first project in West Africa.

We choose an area that has always been neglected and never helped.

We intend to work in the following countries: England, West Africa, Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Gambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Sudan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Romania, Belgium and Philippines.

The reason why we are starting our charity from West Africa, is because these Muslims have been deprived for decades. Walahi these brothers and sisters have no one to help them, which left us with no choice but to help them. How can we sleep in peace whilst they are suffering for something as water. Please for the sake of Allah swt help us build the charity. This is your charity any advice or questions is welcomed.

Please refer to our ABOUT US page to know what stage we are at and what is happening at the moment.

Our brother in humanity, reverts to islam, a police officer with love and peace.

 Sheikh Fahad,
interviews the revert.


     Moses As & Allah swa

Gabriel as Speaks to Allah                           swa

Harut and Marut a message                 to Humanity

        Trust in Allah swa alone

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 of your Rasool Mohammed PBUH

Lets save Humanity 
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